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What is a pacemaker?

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A pacemaker is a battery-powered implantable device that electrically stimulates the heart to contract and pump blood throughout the body in cases where the heart's electrical system is dysfunctional. The instrument is usually about the size of two half dollars and is implanted directly into the chest.

Through a wire attached directly to the heart, artificial pacemakers regulate heartbeat in patients by means of subtle continuous electric shocks. Unfortunately a hermetic seal on some Guidant devices may fail, causing moisture to seep in and potentially damage the device. There has been at least one death thought to be associated with this failure.

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Legal Information
Hip Recall

A Hip Recall for DePuy ASR Hip Implant and Lawsuit, injury on patients where a lawyer or attorney should be contacted for hip replacement procedure.

Hip Recall Lawyer

The recall means that additional tests monitoring may be necessary to ensure your hip implant is functioning proper and well.

Hip Recall Lawsuit

12 percent of people who got the device have had them removed by surgery and replaced by a different product.

DePuy Hip Recall

There is news that DePuy has stopped selling the devices

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