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Guidant Discovery Pacemaker

Guidant Discovery Pacemaker

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In order to prevent further injury and damage, Guidant Corporation issued a recall on July 19, 2005, alleging that a group of 18,000 medical devices including Discovery pacemakers may have a potentially fatal manufacturing defect in the seal that prevents moisture from entering the unit. Should sufficient moisture corrupt the delicate electronics the device may no longer perform its necessary heart rate modulation. 69 incidents of failure have already been reported, including one fatality that may or may not have stemmed from excessive moisture inside the unit. These are the Discovery models that are affected:

  • Guidant Discovery 1174
  • Guidant Discovery 1175
  • Guidant Discovery 1273
  • Guidant Discovery 1274
  • Guidant Discovery 1275

Pacemakers regulate heartbeat in patients with damaged or injured hearts, so any failure in these devices is almost certainly a medical emergency. Common signs of potential pacemaker failure include fainting, dizziness, shortness of breath, and prolonged irregular heartbeat. Anyone who has a Discovery model pacemaker who suffers from these symptoms should contact their medical professional immediately. Quick action may prevent a more serious cardiac event.

Anyone with a Discovery pacemaker manufactured between 1997 and 2000 should contact their doctor immediately. You should also contact an attorney - you deserve to have your rights protected against companies who provide you with defective products that could adversely affect your health. Contact us today - it may be the wisest thing you ever do.

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