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Defribillators and Death

Defribillators and Death

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After the brain, the heart is the most important organ in the body. Essentially the heart is a four chambered, fist size pump just offset to the left of the chest, but it manages to pump every drop of blood throughout the body every single day. Any damage or injury to it will have immediate repercussions on the body, but there is no greater consequence than death. The heart can completely stop pumping, or it can deprive the brain of oxygen, but in any case heart damage is nothing to take lightly.

The brain provides constant electrical signals to keep the heart beating regularly, for any irregular contraction of this muscle can have dire consequences on the body. These arrhythmias cause the heart to fibrillate and spasm which in turn prevents blood from circulating properly. ICDs are designed to detect arrhythmias and shock the heart to rest proper rhythm, but some Guidant defibrillators suffer a short circuit that causes them to malfunction. Should fibrillation occur, the patient with a faulty model will certainly succumb to death in a manner of minutes without outside medical attention.

When the heart fails to pump blood, the delicate cells in the brain begin to immediately die, causing irreparable brain damage. If the brain is starved for too long, it will die. Many people rely on their Guidant defibrillators to save their lives when they need them, but unfortunately tens of thousands of people may have defective devices. There have been two deaths associated with Guidant ICD failures, but there are still thousands of people who may be at serious risk. If you have a Guidant brand ICD, seek medical attention right away.

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