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Guidant Contak Renewal defribillator

Guidant Contak Renewal defibrillator

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CONTAK RENEWAL (Model H135) is reported to suffer from deterioration in the insulation around a wire within the lead connector block of the mechanism. When this malfunctions under certain conditions it can short the circuit in the active titanium case and prevent the device from functioning properly, which impairs its ability to deliver the appropriate amount of charge to prevent cardiac arrhythmia. There have been more than 15 reports of these devices failing to produce current due to this malfunction, which has resulted in at least one death since May 30 th, 2005.

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A Hip Recall for DePuy ASR Hip Implant and Lawsuit, injury on patients where a lawyer or attorney should be contacted for hip replacement procedure.

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The recall means that additional tests monitoring may be necessary to ensure your hip implant is functioning proper and well.

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12 percent of people who got the device have had them removed by surgery and replaced by a different product.

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There is news that DePuy has stopped selling the devices

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